Ethical Statement

As a photographer, I am dedicated to making work that represents everyone with the dignity which they deserve or the anonymity they demand.

All photographs will reflect the lived experience of those I photograph in ways in which they can recognize and see themselves within.

I will always solicit consent before all photographs.

My single focus is to help amplify the voices of those who I collaborate–and not to be their voice.

To do this, it might be best not to take photographs at all. My role might be best served in creating opportunities for those who I collaborate with, to produce their own photographs.

Therefore, I will provide them with the skills and resources to do this—and, importantly, the platforms to share this work on.

I promise to let everyone know where, when, and why I am taking photographs. Where their photographs and data are being stored, as well as who else will have access to it.

Finally, everyone will know where, when and how their images will be published and I will not cause harm to those who I collaborate with.

Andrew Jackson