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Andrew Jackson is a British / Canadian photographer and artist who has worked primarily in Montréal, Canada and the UK. He is an associate lecturer at the London College of Communication, teaching in the MA Documentary & Photojournalism program and has previously served on the advisory board of the Photo Ethics Centre.

He has been a Light Work / Autograph ABP artist-in-residence in Syracuse, New York and graduated from the MA Documentary Photography program at Newport in Wales, UK.

His practice is developed at the intersection of photography and text and, most recently, focuses on notions of family, transnational migration, displacement, trauma, war, and collective memory.

His works are held in the United Kingdom Government Art Collection, The Permanent Collection New Walsall Art Gallery, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Rugby Museum & Art Gallery, Cadbury Trust, Autograph ABP, and Light Work Collection, New York, besides in other public and private collections of art.

As the British art historian Professor Eddie Chambers has written, “British life has had the disastrous effect of immigrants not being routinely regarded as sensitive human beings but being instead cast as vexatious problems. Jackson’s work restores humanity to people from whom this critical characteristic has been routinely withheld or withdrawn. And in restoring humanity, a thousand stories of life can be, and are, told.”

Current ongoing works include Such is the Pathway, which explores the legacies of war, and the Arts Council England-funded series Across The Sea Is A Shore, a collection of three photographic works which explore the intergenerational legacies of migration to the UK from the Caribbean between Windrush and Brexit.

A monograph of the first work in this series, From A Small Island, was published in 2023. His latest work, In Heart and Life and Longing, commissioned by the McCord Stewart Museum, explores the liminal spaces Blackness occupies in Montreal.

Jackson has a history of developing platforms that create opportunities for traditionally excluded groups to engage with photography. He was the co-founder and co-director of IC Visual in Bristol, UK, and Some Cities, Birmingham, as well as ReFramed, a UK-based organisation which creates opportunities for artists from Black, South Asian and other racialized communities to engage with photography.

The L.A. Times, the Guardian, Stern Magazine, New Statesman, Financial Times, and others have commissioned his work.