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I want to give you the skills you’ll need to find your own voice.
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Hello, I’m Andrew Jackson. I’m a photographer and a lecturer teaching on the Master of Arts Documentary and Photojournalism program at the London College of Communication, University of Arts London.

I offer a range of workshops and individual tuition catered for organisations and groups as well as individuals.

The wonderful thing about photography is that it enables people to share with others what they think and feel. It creates pathways for transferable communication skills and more importantly photography it is a gateway for us to be understood and to understand those around us increasingly complex and isolating times.

Work with me

I enjoy working with organisations to help develop new and innovative outreach programs. I am currently producing a series of photographic workshops with Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art and DESTA Black Youth Network, giving individuals the skills to explore and share their own experiences.

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One-to-one tuition

Whether you have just started your photographic journey, or already along the trail, photography can often be an isolating process, especially when developing long-form projects. Sharing your work with others, especially those with insights that can help you grow and develop, is fundamental to the creative process.

The one hour mentoring / feedback session is a valuable opportunity to engage with a fresh pair of eyes, who is seeing your work for the first time. Seeing things which perhaps you haven't and creating a space that asks you questions of your approach, but also providing strategies that can advance it.

Unfortunately, 'likes' on our social media posts don't always provide us with insightful feedback. As a trained educator, working with post-graduate students.

As someone with a range of photographic experiences, that range from working to commission with picture editors and curators, developing international long-form photographic works and successfully negotiating grant awards, I have the skills and experiences to help your practice grow.


Book a 1-hour mentoring / feedback session for a one-time payment of
CA $ 150.00
(All mentoring sessions are in English and take place online)


Learn at your own pace

Let me help you conceive, research, plan and execute your photographic stories via four individual hour long one-to-one live masterclasses. Choose only one masterclass or the whole package - it’s your choice. If you choose the whole package this comes with a free one-to-one tutorial on your photographic project.

The four pre-recorded sessions will explore:

1) The Brief: Developing & Researching your photographic ideas

2) Photographing people: Exploring a range of technical and ethical approaches to photographing people and telling their stories.

3) Evoking a sense of space: Learn how to make sense of the spaces around you and how to create images which express how you feel about them.

4) Story and narrative development: Learn how to craft coherent photographic stories by developing skills in editing and sequencing your photographs.


Each masterclass is a one off payment of

Choose Masterclasses

The total masterclass package is a one off payment of


(The total masterclass package includes 30 minute tutorial on your photographic project)


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