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Welcome to the introductory level Documentary Photography 6 weeks program.

This workshop will be run by award-winning photographer Andrew Jackson.

Jackson is a graduate of the MA Newport Documentary Photography Course (Distinction). He undertakes both commissioned (The Guardian, Financial Times) and personal works. He was a recent award winner from Arts Council England which has enabled him to explore an ongoing photographic work in Jamaica and the USA.

The workshop will offer participants an understanding of the historical and contemporary approaches within the medium as well as introducing them to a range of learning opportunities for them to develop initial skills in researching, developing and producing photographic bodies of work.

This workshop is designed for participants who are comfortable with their specific camera platforms of choice; whether that be analogue or digital camera, and who want to move beyond taking 'single' unconnected photographs in order to produce sequential and narrative based works.

Topics covered and areas of study include:

  1. Historical and contemporary photographic approaches and practices.

  2. Researching and developing documentary projects.

  3. Planning and carrying out shoots.

  4. Publishing your work.

  5. Ethics and representation in documentary photography

  6. Editing and sequencing work.

Participants will work towards producing a body of work whilst receiving project development tutorials, interim group crit sessions and a final editing session with a respected professional within the industry. In addition, there will be ongoing advice from the course tutor Andrew Jackson.

You are purchasing a course of 6 sessions:

1. Intro session - June 6th

2. Documentary Photography - Historical Contexts - 

3. Documentary Photography - Contemporary Contexts 

4. Research, planning and Developing your projects - 

5. Project Presentation and feedback - 

6. Individual tutorials (Saturday - 20 min slot each) - 

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