New Art Gallery, Walsall: Permanent Collection
All that it was…all that it is (8 works, Digital C-Type prints 12 x 10)

National Photographic Archive; Birmingham Central Library:
When the Curtain Rises (32 works Black and white hand prints 10x8 boxed)

Echoes from the Frontlines (20 works, C-Type prints 16x12)
All that it was…all that it is (38 works, Digital C-Type prints 12 x 10)
Cadbury Trust Archive
The Promise of the City; (36 works, Digital C-Type prints)

2016 - 17 Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool
2010        Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol
2008        Multistorey
Teaching experience (selected)
2015 -16 Coventry University: Lecturer, MA & BA Photography
2015 -16 Solihull College, Lecturer HND Program
2003 -17 Wolverhampton University: Lecturer, BA Photography
2008 -09 Gloucester University: Visiting Lecturer, BA Editorial Photography
2007 -08 Walsall College: BTEC, NVQ Photography courses
2006 -06 Joseph Chamberlain College: Part-time lecturer teaching A level photography
2002- 06 Lichfield College: 0.5 lecturer teaching A Level, GNVQ and BTEC photography
2002 -03 Solihull College: Part-time lecturer teaching HND Photography
2001 -02 Sandwell College: Teacher Training working across all year groups

Exhibitions (selected solo)
2018 The First Floor Gallery: mac Birmingham
2010 The Atrium Gallery: London School of Economics: The Golden Road Solo exhibition
2009 Unit 2 Gallery, London: All that it was….all that it is. Solo exhibition
2007 The New Art Gallery Walsall: All that it was….all that it is. 
2007 Midland Arts Centre: The Spaces in between.
2007 The Focal Point Gallery: All that it was….all that it is. Solo exhibition
2005 Arts for Change Gallery: “The Beauty of Things Unseen”. Solo exhibition

Exhibitions (selected group)
2016 Focal Point Gallery: ‘Graphics Interchange Format: 25 Years of Focal Point Gallery’
2014 The New Art Gallery Walsall:Back to Front: 40 Permanent Collection Gems
2013 The New Art Gallery Walsall:Back to Front: 40 Permanent Collection Gems 
2011 Look 2011 Liverpool International festival of photography. Victoria & Albert Gallery: All that it was….all that it is.
2011 Wolverhampton Lighthouse Gallery: The Street: Joint work with the artist Dean Kelland
2010 Knowle West Media Centre: Urban Portraiture: Joint exhibition of Nature / Nature
2010 The New Art Gallery Walsall: Art work on exhibition to celebrate tenth anniversary of gallery.
2009 The New Art Gallery Walsall: Fresh Out of the Box (exhibition of works selected from permanent collection).
2008 The New Art Gallery Walsall: Fresh Out of the Box (exhibition of works selected from permanent collection).
2008 South Africa in 2 parts: International festival of photography (Hereford) celebrating work produced in South Africa: 
2006 The Bond gallery: Echoes from the Frontline’ (Group show)
2004 Broad Street Gallery, Symphony Hall. ‘Echoes from the Frontline’ Herbert Gallery and Art Museum  
2003 Bilston Art Gallery: “The Journey” Portraits of migration
2001 Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: “Something Old, Something New”: Group show.
2000 Newport School of Art and Design: ‘A Hollow Space.’ Group show

Works in production
I'm New Here: A work exploring the myths and folklores of family, ageing and the lies which we tell well as the lives which are told against us amidst the backdrop of the Jamaican Diaspora. Commissioned by mac birmingham the work will be made in the UK, Jamaica and America.
The Promise of the City (working title): is a work about housing, specifically social housing in Birmingham and how that place which we call home, constructs our social identity - if only in the eyes of others. 
The Last Days of Summer (working title): A work exploring the lives, and surrounding stories, of a group of young black men in Handsworth who are still hanging onto youth as they approach the end of their 20's. Most still living in the same neighbourhood that had shaped their childhoods. A neighbourhood drastically being made strange because of EU migration. Soon then Handsworth will be changed forever and the grip upon the past held by these men, and their youth, will also soon slip from them.
Avec Moi: A return to a work started in 2005. The work explores the relationships that we have with the past, between ourselves and those we photograph. the photographic archive, the changing context and meaning of photographs and the ways in which history is never fixed; as it is always in the flux of revisionism.

The Street
ISBN-10: 0956020461
ISBN-13: 978-0956020468

Awards / Grants
2016 Arts Council Grant: I'm New Here
2013 Arts Council Grant: Some Cities
2012 Nominated for the Prix Pictet photographic award
2009 London School of Economics & Political Science bursary
2009 Longhouse Research Bursary
2008 Arts Council England Grant Award
2006 Collide
2006 Arts Council England Grant Award: All that it was
2005 Arts Council England Grant Award: International research bursary

Talks (selected)
2017 National Symposium of Photography
2016 Grain Photographers in Conversation
2016 "The New Photographer: artist, activist or entrepreneur?" KWMC
2016 The social eye of Janet Mendelsohn - symposium, Birmingham REP
2015 Artist Talk: Gloucester University
2015 Artist Talk: Castle Vale Arts Group
2011 In conversation with Pete James and Dean Kelland - The Lighthouse Gallery
2010 Talking Pictures: Artist talk discussing my work ‘The Golden Road’. London School of Economics
2010 Discussion on documentary photography: New Art Exchange, Nottingham
2009 Talking Pictures: Artist talk discussing my work ‘All that it was, all that it is’ London School of Economics
2008 Artist talk: Newport, University of Wales. Symposium to celebrate 10th anniversary of MA Programme.
2007 Artist talk: Coventry University
2007 Artist talk: New Art Gallery, Walsall in conversation with Dr. Steve Edwards.
2007 Artist talk: Focal Point Gallery