My website has had the same black/dark gray theme ever since I put totgheer Version 1 a year and a half ago. I've changed the design twice since then, first looking for a better way to display text and then because I wanted an even larger slideshow to display my work!Of course, site rebuilds take way more time than changing templates because I write my code by hand, only using Creative Commons stuff for my slideshow plugin (By the way I'm still trying to find a photographer friend so I can put a photo of myself on my website! I'm not ignoring your advice!)[]
those times once a season when I would drop a few huendrd bones on the latest fashions. In general, I'd much rather save up for a trip to Jamaica than pay $300 for a pair of shoes. But even so, a few months ago, I began noticing a disturbing
You can create a gallrey folder using the File Manager. Navigate to your WordPress files from cPanel > files > file manager > select public_html and your directory. There, create a folder for your gallrey. Then you should be able to provide this path to the plugin.
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